Streaming - SET Amp - Klipsch Forte III, a Two-channel Audio System by Tyson

Room Size
System Overview
This is my 2nd system. Wanted a "Rock & Roll" setup I could use in the living/dining area to stream music with my daughter and have spontaneous dance-offs!
Music Preferences
Rock & Roll!
Room Description
Main floor in a 1954 brick Split Ranch style home.
Acoustic Treatment
Thick shag carpet on the floor. Massive DIY acoustic art panels on all walls.
Listening Impressions
Hotrodded the Forte IIIs with extensive internal bracing, NoRez and acoustic stuffing. Ultra high end crossover was built from scratch by GR Research. These speakers were quite good before the mods but now are world class.
Media Storage
None. All streaming via wifi.
Digital Source
Wifi Signal -> Auralic Aries Femto -> AudioQuest Carbon (silver) USB -> iFi Zen DAC
iPhone or iPad
Power Amp
TAL Type 45 SET, Almarro A318B, Elekit 2a3/300b or VTA ST35 (rotate based on mood)
Klipsch Forte III - Hotrodded
Speaker Cable
DIY pure OCC in teflon braid
Hapa Audio Nude Cables
Power Cables
Black Mamba 2
Power Cond
Bybee Power Strip