My System, a Two-channel Audio System by toocool4

Room setup
Room Size
L 5.52m x W 3.25m x H 2.4m
System Overview
2 channel analogue setup
Music Preferences
I pretty much listen to everything as I feel if I am blinkered, I will miss something good.
Room Description
Just an average UK living room.
Acoustic Treatment
Mixture of DIY & GIK Acoustics
Listening Impressions
Clean detailed sound
Media Storage
Ikea racks for records / purpose made cassette shelf
Digital Source
Apple Mac Pro
Analog Source
Acoustic Solid One to One turntable, Dynavector DV507MK-II arm, EMT JSD S 75 cartridge. Nakamichi CR-7 tape deck. Ion Systems FMT-1 tuner.
Signal Processors
Rega Ios Phono stage
Spectral Audio DMC 15s
Power Amp
Spectral Audio DMA 100s
Peak Consult Princess Signature
Speaker Cable
Spectral Audio MH-770 Ultralinear II
Spectral Audio MI-350 Ultralinear II, Furutech AG-12, XLO, Grover Huffman, Isoda Electric
Beyerdynamic T70 modified, Etymotic ER-4SR, Audio Technica CKW1000ANV, Bang & Olufsen A8
HNE Systems Granite Hi-Fi rack
Power Cond
Emerson Liebert GXT4 3000VA
Tuning and Tweaks
Finite Element Cerabase, Black Ravioli, Symposium, HRS damping plates, Furutech rhodium double wall socket
Other Components
Loricraft PRC3 record cleaning machine