Imagine , a Two-channel Audio System by bluemeanies

Home Theater
Room Size
25'L 10'W 6'3ceilings
System Overview
2channel/Home Theater 6.2 system Emphasis on 2channel
Music Preferences
Jazz,Blues,Classical and Rock However, I have an open mind with just about any form of music.
Room Description
7" thick walls. Walls and ceilings floating suspension. They do NOT touch orginal walls or ceilings. Fabrication by Auralex. Mineral fiber inside walls, sheet block in between .50" & 5/8" sheetrock.
Acoustic Treatment
Auralex eggcrate foam on walls and Auralex diffusers on ceilings.
Listening Impressions
Sublime. Real, lifelike. Everything I listen to sounds just as good or better than any hi end audio store I have visited. Never disappointed!
Media Storage
TIDAL-95% CD's
Other Comments
The room serves two purposes as a Home Theater room and more importantly a 2channel listening room. I do not use my subwoofers with 2channel listening.
Digital Source
Analog Source
Audionote 4.1LE DAC
Other Sources
Mac Mini, Samsung monitor, TIDAL
Signal Processors
Outlaw 990 processor for HT
Custom SP14 with Shanguang Treasure CV181Z power tubes
Power Amp
Bob Latino m125 mono-blocks with reissued Genalex KT88's. Mullard GZ34 rectifier, Mullard CV4003 driver tube. Outlaw7700 7channel amplifier for HT
B&W 803diamonds B&W 803d2's
Fathom 110, HSU-MBM12 MK2
Speaker Cable
Nakamichi cables
8audio, Audioquest, Outlaw balanced cables, BJC DVI to HDMI, Monster cable
Power Cables
Ice Age power cables
Power Cond
No power conditioner. Manual ground fault line Protectors (4)
Other Components
HTMS3 center channel DSD7 surround speakers Outlaw 990 processor, Outlaw7700 7 channel amplifier Mitshubshi 6800 projector Da-lite Screen Gratrix switch boxes Staco Variac, Kill O Watt Apple TV Comcast