Hearing Everything That Nothing Can Measure, a Two-channel Audio System by CanadianMaestro

emerging sunlight
Room Size
7 x 5.5 x 3 metres
System Overview
Very lucky to have this synergy. I've long stopped "upgrading".
Music Preferences
Classical, mellow vocals & blues, old rock.
Acoustic Treatment
Earwax removal.
Listening Impressions
No pain. Soundstage like Banff, with pinpoint imaging. Accuracy, transparency, linearity. Spatial cues and recording venue's acoustical resonances come through with crystalline clarity. Superb organic musicality, with rhythmic coherence and a balanced tonality. Deep bass if it's there in the recording. Crisp, smooth treble. Midrange is like silk, never fatiguing. Piano and string instruments have never sounded so real. Vocalists are in my room with properly scaled sizes that I can envision -- "listening with my eyes"! Orchestral pieces are reproduced with uncanny separation between instrumental sections. Not quite 100% like the real thing, but I'm satisfied.
Other Comments
Digital playback on my system is superb, and I don't crave vinyl like others do. Also, streaming isn't my thing. But, I am acquiring more downloads as I move away from CD purchases (not enough space). My main music sources: Amazon resellers, Presto Classical,, Discogs, Pro Studio Masters. Brick stores: I recommend Westsider (NYC), Blackbyrd Myoozik (Alberta), La Dame Blanche (Paris), EMI (Wien), Second Life (Amsterdam). I have fond memories of Tower Records (67th/B'way) and HMV (72nd/B'way) in NYC. The HMV at 72nd seemed to be a favorite among marquee performers who played at Lincoln Ctr/Carnegie Hall. I spotted Charles Dutoit, Anne Sophie-Mutter, and Maurizio Pollini on diff occasions, chatting with the manager (and probably buying loads of discs). Both stores had the best classical CD stocks I had ever seen. "Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess". - Oscar Wilde
Digital Source
Bryston: BCD-1, BDA-1/BDA-3, BDP-2.
Analog Source
Clearaudio: Ovation + Clarify arm, Virtuoso Wood MM. Simaudio 310 preamp.
Signal Processors
My brain. And the DACs.
Audio Research LS27.
Power Amp
Bryston 14B-squared.
Vienna Acoustics: Mozart Grand SE.
REL T7 (single)
Cardas Clear, Furutech USB, Canare LV61 BNC
Power Cables
10-14-awg + red-Cu plugs. Made in Canada.
Power Cond
Shunyata Triton I + Typhon I