What plays music , a Two-channel Audio System by sam snead

Room Size
System Overview
Like what I hear through it. Like playing with it, too.
Music Preferences
Mostly small-scale stuff with a voice or instrument telling some story.
Room Description
Small and dark with a comfy chair. Set up in a Cardas/rule-of-thirds/near field kind of way.
Acoustic Treatment
DIY panels in corners and reflections. Probably not doing much since ears are only 5' from speakers.
Listening Impressions
Happy when hearing the music. Less so, but not unhappy, when thinking about what's reproducing it.
Media Storage
Records behind me on shelves. CD's ripped to streamer storage. Radio inside that streamer, too.
Digital Source
Roon to Auralic Aries Mini into Schitt Multibit Bifrost DAC. Or old Theta transport.
Analog Source
Older modded Rega Planar 3/re-wired RB 300/Denon 103r hooked up to a Phoenix PSU. And then on into a Project Tube Box DS2. Or same with a Linn Lvx+/AT3/Mono instead.
Signal Processors
Tinnitus, various biases and tubes. And a Schitt Loki.
Bottlehead Smash
Power Amp
Bottlehead Stereomour
Blumenstein Orca's on 24" stands
Two SVS SB-1000's
Speaker Cable
Mostly older MIT and Transparent
Power Cables
PS Audio and Pangea
Sennheiser 6xx from Music Hall 25.2 amp
Some low homemade thing out of old demo'd timbers
Power Cond
PS Audio Dectet
Tuning and Tweaks
Some. But hopefully not too many or too obsessive.
Other Components
Very loud but still-running Record Doctor RCM