Desktop, a Two-channel Audio System by Nick V

Room Size
System Overview
Desktop Active Monitor System
Acoustic Treatment
GIK Acoustics: 242 Panels x2 (first reflection points on side walls on either side of MLP) Art Panel x1(first reflection on Front Wall between/behind speakers Monster Bass Trap x1 (first reflection on rear wall behind MLP)
Media Storage
2 TB internal hybrid drive, 2 TB external USB 3.0 hard drive
Digital Source
Tidal HiFi Desktop app, Downloaded high res DSD/PCM music via JRiver Media Center (DSD Downsampled to 24/192), Chromecast Audio (for multi-room audio)
Cambride DACMagic Plus DAC/Digital Preamp with LH Labs LPS Linear Power Supply (w/ clean 5V USB power for split data/power Light Harmonic USB cable)
Dynaudio BM6A mkII Active Monitors
Paradigm SUB10 w/ PBK
Signal Cable Analog Two XLR
Power Cables
DH Labs Power Plus, Stock
Power Cond
Yulong P18 Power Processing Center
Tuning and Tweaks
Vibrapod Cones x3 under DAC/Preamp