2019 audio system, a Two-channel Audio System by navi

System Overview
Budget system that I've spent many hours tweaking Doubles up as Movies and TV sound
Room Description
rental unit
Other Comments
Cheap and minimal
Digital Source
Sony XB-920B CD Player, MacBook Pro running audirvana, Apply TV - for movies & streaming
Analog Source
Carver TX-11A Tuner
Signal Processors
DAC: Gustard X-20U used as volume control as well
DIY Pass B1 Buffer NOT IN USE DIY: Slagle INTACT Audio autoformers passive preamp. Audioformers purchased in 2005 In Use: Pass B1 Buffer set to lower output impedance in old MusicLabs chassis
Power Amp
B&O Ice 125ASX2 in Ghent audio chassis
BenchMark S500 speakers, S300,S100, Note Perfect Maxi's
Speaker Cable
Kimber 4Vs
I change between Audio Research Litz cable (rare) + Van Damme Lo cap 55, VanDamme mic cable, Canare L2T2
Power Cables
Oyaide + Generic cables
Power Cond
DBA electronics LB-1500 line balancer