Main System, a Two-channel Audio System by Waltzzz

current system
Room Size
12' deep, 24' wide, 8' high
System Overview
Digital only; Put together from years of trial and error for synergy
Music Preferences
rock, classical, some jazz, folk, reggae etc - eclectic [music from DSD and high res downloads, my ripped CDs and Tidal Music]
Acoustic Treatment
Prima Acoustics
Media Storage
Aurender N100H (4TB), MQA capable
Digital Source
Chord TT2 DAC
Blackdog LS1 (Shuguang Treasure tubes and all other upgrades)
Power Amp
Odyssey Kismet monos (in Khartago cases)
Ryan 620s
Speaker Cable
Cardas Cygnus
Cardas Cygnus, Audioquest diamond usb between Aurender and DAC
Power Cables
Cardas Clear (amps), Parsec (preamp and qb4), Nordost (DAC and Argentum)
Power Cond
Argentum XP-3 for amps, Nordost qb4 for rest of system
Tuning and Tweaks
ISO Acoustics under speakers, 2 IFI AC iPurifiers
Other Components
ipad and app for Aurender, Tidal music