Main System, a Two-channel Audio System by atkinsonrr

Room Size
20' deep x 17' high x 54' wide
System Overview
American tubes, British speakers and Chinese DAC. Seeking the holy grail of a sweet full-bodied classic tube sound upgraded with some modern transparency, spacialness, imaging and dynamics.
Music Preferences
Modern Folk, Female Jazz, Male Jazz, Rock, Instrumental Jazz
Room Description
Listening area is family room on one end of a great room formed by family room / dining room / living room. Still working to get room dialed in. Needs help with bass traps, absorption, diffusion.
Acoustic Treatment
Thick rug on upper back wall to tame slap echo. Experimenting with infinite baffle placement of speakers.
Listening Impressions
The system has moved from somewhat dull and withdrawn to more lively, open and "in the room". More improvement needed.
Media Storage
Melco N1A Server
Digital Source
Line Magnetic 502-CA tube DAC
McIntosh C2200
Power Amp
McIntosh MC275 MK.VI
Spendor S100
Speaker Cable
Duelund DCA16GA
Belden 8402 Balanced
Power Cables
Hard wired Milspec silver over copper direct from subpanel
Power Cond
Dedicated AC to each component via 20 amp iso transformer feeding dedicated sub-panel with oil cap across analog legs.
Tuning and Tweaks
NOS tubes; 5755's in place of 12AX7s in pre and amp; tube dampers; spikes and maple plinths; Russian PIO cap bypassing output cap in DAC. Slightly upgraded caps in crossovers; Milspec silver over copper wire in speakers.