Living Room, a Two-channel Audio System by Ben1248

Living Room
Room Size
the listening area is about 11.5 foot long x 9.8 foot wide x 9.2 foot high
System Overview
Music Preferences
Classic, Jazz, nearly everything
Room Description
Speakers are currently about 1 foot away from the wall. The speakers are about 8.2 foot separated and my listening position is 9 foot away from the speakers
Acoustic Treatment
Listening Impressions
Realistic; Very Clear; large soundstage; fun to listen
Media Storage
mac mini with external SSD
Digital Source
MAC Mini via WIFI to Auralic Aries (powered by SBooster)
Signal Processors
Chord 2Qute powered by JS-2
MZ2-S with remote and NOS tube
Power Amp
ZOTL10 with NOS tubes and upgraded (separate power supply)
Omega Speakers: Super Alnico High Output - internally wired with SMSG 20 (ZenWave)
Speaker Cable
Zenwave SL17 speaker cables
Wireworld Eclipse 7 (DAC to Pre-amp); Wireworld Equinox (Pre to Power)
Power Cables
several from Wireworld and Straightwire
Power Cond
Isotek Sirius