Holeout's Magnepan 20.7, a Two-channel Audio System by holeout

Rm 1707DS 1280
Room Size
24.5' x 15.5' x 8.5'
System Overview
Hi-resolution 2 channel system aimed to create realistic music reproduction of original recording venue
Music Preferences
Classical, Jazz, Rock, Vocals
Room Description
Dedicated listening room built on ground level. Double isolation brick/concrete walls on exterior. Bush-hammered granite on concrete sectioned for speakers/electronics. Composite wood planks on concrete for listening area. Dedicated 3-phase 60A 220V electrical system. Custom low noise "Recording Studio" air conditioning system.
Acoustic Treatment
Custom diffuser and absorber panels on front and side walls; LP shelves on rear wall; ASI resonators system throughout the house
Listening Impressions
Setup offers a lively sound with minimal standing waves. Exceptional soundstage, macro and micro dynamics; great details. Can enjoy listen for hours and not wanting to leave.
Digital Source
Esoteric K01X + G01 Clock, Modified Oppo 103 (digital output board + LPS); Aurender W20, Mac Air/Microrendu/Roon; Chord Dave Dac, Nagra HD Dac
Analog Source
Turntable - Transrotor Tourbillion; Tonearms - Acoustical Systems Axiom; Cartridges - Acoustical Systems Palladium, Van Den Hul Colibre Amber, Kostsu Red Sandalwood; Phono Stage - Gryphon Legato Legacy, Acoustical Systems Evocator
VTL TL7.5 III; Gryphon Pandora
Power Amp
VTL Siegfried monoblocks; Gryphon Antilleon S monoblocks
Magnepan Mg20.7
Speaker Cable
Vertere HB (Hand Built}series
Vertere HB (Hand Built}series
Power Cables
Vertere HB (Hand Built}series
CMS Diamond amp racks; Custom racks for front end components; Custom copper rack with Accurion active isolation platforms for turntable and CD transport
Power Cond
Shunyata Triton V2 + Typhoon, Cyclops; Isoclean Zero ohm fuse panel, vdh-pt3030-01 isolation transformers for source components
Tuning and Tweaks
Dedicated grounding posts; Tripoint Troy Signature Ground box; Footers - Stillpoints SS / Ultra; Nordost Sort Kones Ti