Latest configuration, a Two-channel Audio System by andolink

latest configuration
Room Size
12 1/2' X 17 2/3' X 8'
System Overview
Redbook CD based all solid state gear (with adjunct planar headphone setup employing dual-differential source and amplification w/ XLR interconnects). No tubes, no vinyl.
Music Preferences
Classical primarily but also electro-acoustic free improv and occasionally some Grateful Dead
Room Description
Average sized family room with a large thick wool rug and large picture window along one side.
Acoustic Treatment
Convoluted foam-Egg Crate Acoustic Studio Soundproofing for rear wall (a hugely beneficial tweak!)
Listening Impressions
Excellent transparency and resolution, very low distortion, very realistic imaging and soundstaging. Ideally the gear will neither add nor subtract anything to what's contained in the recording. The goal with my current stereo setup was to achieve, as closely as possible, the same kind of very high resolution and very low distortion I was getting from my cross-fed, balanced, planar headphone rig. I think I've gotten there with the synergy of the PS Audio>Merrill Audio>Dynaudio chain but of course with the correct spatial cues for a "live" music presentation not possible with headphones. All my previous two-channel systems fell short of this ideal.
Other Comments
With roughly 8,000 Redbook CD's, I'm pretty much committed to a CD player as my source. I've looked into converting everything to flac files and going the music server route, but the task turns out to be just too daunting and/or expensive. Plus I just really love browsing through all my discs.
Digital Source
PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player via I2S HDMI cable to PS Audio DirectStream DAC
Power Amp
Merrill Audio Thor mono-blocks
Dynaudio Confidence C1 II's
Dynaudio 9S
Speaker Cable
Belden 5000 series
Belden 1800F Balanced XLR, Norse(now Norne Audio) Skuld 2 Litz UPOCC headphone cable
Power Cables
Triode Wire Labs (stock power cord for the Thors)
HiFiMan HE-500
Power Cond
Brickwall 8R surge suppressor/line filter
Tuning and Tweaks
Sorbothane feet for CD transport and DAC
Other Components
Audio-gd NFB-6 (balanced headphone amp), Balanced Cross-feed X6B (custom made)