daredevil's setup, a Two-channel Audio System by daredevil_kk

Latest Setup
Room Size
4m x 6m with the back open to rest of the home
System Overview
Source: Aurender N10, Toshiba SD-9200 DAC: Anedio D2(modded) Pre-amp: Spectral DMC-10s Power-amp: ASPEN Soraya CB105 (2010 version) Speakers: Mach 1 Acoustic Bookshelf (Hiquphon ow1, Audio Technology midbass)
Music Preferences
Acoustic Treatment
DIY 3 x 4" panels made of acoustic ceiling tiles and heavy curtains covering the windows
Listening Impressions
Good imaging and reasonably large sound with a pretty even tone response (measured), but starts to roll off at about 60hz. (No sub allow due WAF and neighbour) :(
Other Components
Optima HD161X, Apple TV 3