ZenMango's System, a Two-channel Audio System by ZenMango

Apogee Stages on custom Sound Anchor stands
Room Size
System Overview
I listen mostly to LPs, so focus is analog, but play a wide variety of music. Most of the components I've had for 10 years or longer, making improvements occasionally. For example the VPI started as a lowly hw19jr w a sumiko arm and cartridge, and has been upgraded over the years to current configuration.
Music Preferences
The Beatles, Mozart, Bach, Monk, Davis, Steely Dan, Brian Eno, Ellington. Jazz, Baroque/Choral, Rock/New Wave, Blues.
Room Description
Shoe box shape with wood paneling and shelves stuffed with books and records. Not many options to change configuration
Acoustic Treatment
Lots of books and records
Listening Impressions
Very emotionally involving and natural sounding. In a happy place. I choose a fairly close listening position so music is more intimate and helps Reduce room interaction
Digital Source
Arcam FMJ CD36
Analog Source
VPI HW19,TNT mods, JMW10 arm, Lyra Delos cart
Manley Chinook SE phono pre; Parasound JC2 BP line pre
Power Amp
Margules U280sc. Class A. 60w ultra linear, 30w triode. KT90 power tubes
Apogee Stages, custom Sound Anchor stands
Speaker Cable
Nordost Blue Heaven (original version)
Nordost Blue Heaven
Power Cables
Hospital grade
Power Cond
PS Audio P500
Other Components
VPI HW 16.5 record cleaning machine