Eisener Bart System, a Two-channel Audio System by Eisener Bart

Rack (09-Apr-2016)
Room Size
22 sq. meters
System Overview
Music Preferences
All genres.
Acoustic Treatment
No, it's temporary (I am hoping!). )))
Media Storage
Laptop - Acer Predator 15, model - G9-591-7451 (CPU - Intel Core i7-6700HQ (2.6 - 3.5 Ghz) / RAM 32 / SSD 1 Tb + HDD 2 Tb + SSD 256 Gb (added by myself).
Digital Source
CD Player: Micromega, model - Aria.
Analog Source
Vynil Player: ELAC, model - Miracord 50 H (1974). Phono - Abbas Esoteric Audio (Ukraine), model - Treble Clefs.
Signal Processors
AMR, model DP-777
AMR, model DP-777
Power Amp
T+A, model - A 1500
Audio Physic, model - Avanti (1st generation, 1989);
Speaker Cable
Acoustic Revive, model - SPC Reference (bi-wiring)
Acoustic Revive, model - RCA-1.0PA (2 pcs - on CD Player and Head Amp) XLO, model - Reference 2 1A (on Phono). USB Audio Cables: WireWorld, model - Platinum Starlight// Sound-YP (Ukraine), model - Master SE.
Power Cables
Sound-YP (Ukraine), model - Reference (light); Self-made Power Cables - handly polished soviet copper bars with non-expensive connectors from Mennekes and Koppf; Neotech NEP-3001 MK3 3x5.25 OCC/SPUPOCC hybrid power cable (3 m) with Neotech NC-P303 OCC E
Headphones: HiFiMan HE-1000 Audeze LCD-X (recabled by self-made cable) AudioQuest Nighthawk
IKEA tables, model - Hemnes (3 pcs), upgraded by myself
Tuning and Tweaks
Self-made footers & supporters. Harmonizers. Golden fuses my AMR. Wall outlet - Furutech, model - Schuko Wall Outlet - FT-SWS.
Other Components
Headphones Amp - Peevez (Ukraine), model - hybrid between '"Hi-Dymanic@ and @Hi-Power" models, 5 Wts in Class A, MOSFET output.