Hi-Fi Rig, a Two-channel Audio System by nickd

FS 420's at home
Room Size
14' 6" wide x 23' deep x 9' high.
System Overview
Open baffle sub / sat system with fully digital Integrated amp using DSP correction and crossover.
Music Preferences
Dire Straights, Eva Cassidy, Dave Koz. Lots of Vocal, Mellow Rock, Acoustic (un-plugged) performances, Live recordings, etc.
Room Description
Dead front live back acoustics (old school). Dedicated 1200BTU mini-split AC/Heat pump. Built in pocket 6' wide 42" deep for equipment rack. sub woofer also built into 24"w x 7' high pocket in front left of room. Wood frame, 1/2" drywall construction with R13/ R42 fiberglass insulation.
Acoustic Treatment
Heavy velvet curtains with backing in front. Carpet and pad up to listening seat. reflective open space 4' behind listening seat. Tube traps with hard sides facing back of OB loudspeakers for dispersion.
Listening Impressions
Well damped room. The system is VERY transparent and images well. Cost no object Resolution from 500hz up. Sub bass will shudder the room down to 16hz. I would like a bit more impact at 80-250hz. (60's Altec Model 19 mid-bass). I also sometimes miss a bit of "tube warmth" (Cary 805's), but the detail and resolution from the system are just as addicting although for different reasons.
Media Storage
Apple mini-mac with 1TB hard drive for music storage.
Other Comments
The system is very energy efficient and produces very little heat. Great for Southern California summers.
Digital Source
Sonos connect with XLO digital cable. (Tidal & Pandora)
Analog Source
PBN Groove Master turntable (Rosewood) with Jelco arm, Kimber tonearm cable, Custom DC motor and controller. Liberty B2B 1 Phono Preamp with custom rosewood faceplate.
Other Sources
Audia Flight CD2
Signal Processors
Lyngdorf TDAI 2170 see amp below.
Power Amp
Lyngdorf TDAI 2170 with "room perfect DSP" and digital crossover. 170 WPC
B&G FS420I open baffle (digital high pass at 80hz 4th order LR)
Custom built in McCauley 18" sub woofer in 1/4 wave tapered transmission line enclosure 400 watt dedicated amp. (amp made by Triad).
Speaker Cable
Mogami W3104
Custom welded 1" square tube, sand filled, isolated shelf design with 2" solid maple top for turntable
Power Cond
Monster 5000. 4 dedicated 20 amp circuits with 11ga. Romex to 150 amp panel. 9' ground rod.
Tuning and Tweaks
Anacomp & Blue Circle line noise traps