Works for Me, a Two-channel Audio System by cheech

Room Size
28 x 20 x 10
System Overview
Two channel system situated in living room (turntable is on bottom shelf due to infrequent use - not much smooth jazz on vinyl)
Music Preferences
Predominately smooth jazz, with splashing of old school r&b , classic rock, 80's new wave, blues
Acoustic Treatment
None, could benefit from some to optimize sound but not practical as system is in the living room
Listening Impressions
Enjoyable to listen to, no fatigue factor , system is not partial to one genre or another, very good dynamics, pace, placement/separation; plays big in my room without passing 10 o'clock on the volume dial
Digital Source
Modwright Elyse DAC ( Mullard NOS 5AR4 rectifier & NOS Phillips 6922s) , April Music Stello CDT 100 transport; Wadia 171i , IPOD Classic 160MG
Analog Source
Clearaudio Emotion Turntable, Satisfy Carbonfiber tonearm, Maestro MM Cartridge, and Smartphono
Modwright LS100 (NOS Phillips 5AR4 rectifier; JAN Sylvania 6SN7WGTA 1966 brownbase )
Power Amp
Modwright KWA 100SE
Daedalus Argos V2 (beautiful craftmanship musically & real walnut wood cabinet); stand about 24 inches from rear wall ; roughly 8 1/2 feet apart, 9 1/2 feet from listening position
Speaker Cable
Clear Day Cable Double Shotgun
Silnote Audio Orion RCA (DAC to Preamp), Silnote Audio Posideon RCA (power amp to preamp); Silnote Audio Posideon 2 Digital RCA (transport to DAC)
Power Cables
Audio Art Cable - Power 1 Statements, Classic 1s
4 shelf rack with heavy duty acrylic shelves and solid metal posts - built by an Audiogon member Valley Plastics; Solid Steel S3 2 shelf rack
Power Cond
Blue Circle BC6000
Tuning and Tweaks
Daedalus DIDs - used under Line Magnetic 518ia ; VooDoo Iso Pods under Modwright LS100 and April Music CDT 100 Transport, Symposium Rollerblock Jrs under MWadia i171 transport; Steve Blinn Isopeds under Modwright Elyse DAC; Herbies gliders under speaker
Other Components
Line Magnetic 518ia (integrated amp) Stock Psvane 845s, NOS GE 6L6s , NOS Tung Sol 5751s , NOS Mullard 5AR4 rectifier Finale Audio 7189 (2) , 7189/EL84 integrated amp stock tubes NOS Russian 6N14N-EB (7189a), NOS CBS 5AR4 rectifier , NOS GE 12ax7s. (amp not shown in picture atm