Desktop system, a Two-channel Audio System by Mike in NC

Room Size
10 x 11 x 8 ft
System Overview
A 2.1 system used for ripping music, tidying up metadata, and listening when I'm in my home office (often)
Music Preferences
Classical, jazz, bluegrass, other
Room Description
My home office, an ordinary first-floor bedroom
Listening Impressions
Sounds pretty good -- and better when I step back a few feet from the desk.
Media Storage
Synology NAS -- my main library (~3500 albums ripped or downloaded)
Digital Source
JRiver Media Center on i7 PC
Other Sources
Qobuz (up to 192 kHz)
Signal Processors
DSP and crossovers in the CP-800 (see "preamp")
Classé CP-800 DAC/preamp
Power Amp
Marsh Sound Design A400s
Harbeth P3ESR
B&W ASW610
Speaker Cable
Blue Jeans
Mogami W2549 (balanced), Belden Gold USB
VTI for gear. Speakers are on my desk.
Power Cond
BrickWall surge protector

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