Main system, a Two-channel Audio System by Mike in NC

Front left angle
Room Size
approx. 20.5 x 12.5 x 7 feet (A bit narrow and too low, but long enough.)
System Overview
A two-channel networked, music-only system in my dedicated listening room. My priorities are true musical timbres on acoustic music, achieved through low distortion and even frequency response.
Music Preferences
Classical, jazz, bluegrass, other
Room Description
The room was purpose-built in our basement, heavily soundproofed with QuietRock and mineral wool insulation. Double gasketed doors with drop seals. The tight seal of the room necessitates further bass smoothing with bass traps, subwoofers, and EQ in the bass.
Acoustic Treatment
Panels, diffusers, and bass traps from GIK, RPG, Vicoustic, and ASC. The most recent addition was ceiling panels behind the listening position, where the Janszens' beaminess tends to cause some reflections. Since the photo was taken, the flooring was damaged and replaced with padded wall-to-wall carpeting.
Listening Impressions
The low distortion of the JansZen speakers and the very quiet background level in the room make it possible to hear the unique character of each recording.
Media Storage
My music library (about 3000 albums) is stored as FLAC files on a Synology NAS. I prefer buying music in download form, both for better resolution and to avoid storing more physical media.
Other Comments
The JansZens provide mostly direct (rather than reflected) sound, which suits me, but doesn't give the billowing ambiance popular with some audiophiles. There is, however, a strong sense of the recording space. The speakers are extremely low in distortion.
Digital Source
Auralic Aries, connected to home LAN via Ethernet.
Analog Source
Gave up my TT about 15 years ago and never looked back.
Signal Processors
CP-800's internal crossover used to LP subs and HP mains; CP-800 parametric EQ used to kill bass peaks; CP-800 tone controls used occasionally to tame overly harsh recordings. Mutec MC-3+USB reclocker used at all times.
Classé CP-800 (DAC/Preamp)
Power Amp
Bryston 4B3
Janszen zA2.1
2 x JL Audio F112
Speaker Cable
Anticables level 3
Gotham and Mogami balanced interconnects; Oyaide d+ Class A USB cable; Mogami Gold AES3 cable.
Sennheiser HD650
Billy Baggs
Power Cond
Furman IT-Reference 15i (source components only)
Tuning and Tweaks
Dedicated 25A line for audio and separate 20A line for lighting, etc.
Other Components
Android tablet for controlling the system with BubbleUPnP control-point app. Dayton OmniMic2 for room measurements.