2-Channel Rig, a Two-channel Audio System by ACHiPo

Homemade rack from curly/spalted maple (3
Room Size
It's complicated, but basically 15 x 17 x 10
System Overview
A system built over the years that can really sing (but never quite good enough!)
Music Preferences
Blues, jazz, rock, classical
Room Description
Home office, but basically a dedicated listening room that has a desk in it.
Acoustic Treatment
GIK Soffit traps around the ceiling perimeter DIY 48" x 20" x 12" soffit traps in front left and right corners DIY 80" x 24" x 6" corner trap in rear right corner 2 GIK Monster Traps, one mounted on a closet door behind listening position DIY 48" x 24" x 8" bass trap in the closet at the rear of the room
Listening Impressions
By far the best listening space I've ever had.
Media Storage
Built in bookcases for LPs, SACDs and some CDs stored in Precision Hills CD Boxes
Digital Source
Oppo 105 for SACD/CD/Hi-rez
Analog Source
Lyra Delos into Cardas tonearm cable on Well Tempered Reference turntable Jeff Rowland Design Group Consummate phono stage
Jeff Rowland Design Group Consummate line stage
Power Amp
AtmaSphere M60 OTL monoblocks (primary) Wyred4Sound ST-500 class D stereo amp (back up)
Kef Reference 207/2
Rythmik F12SE (2@)
Speaker Cable
Paul Speltz Zeros autoformers
JenaLabs DIY XLR interconnects (Symphony equivalent) Mogami gold XLR
Power Cables
DIY Power cord with Hubbell hospital grade quad outlets Echo Audio power cords (2@)
Home built curly maple rack with 3" slab top.
Power Cond
Power: 20A dedicated circuit with 10/3 Romex Richard Grey Power Station (2@ for front end) DIY Power cords
Tuning and Tweaks
Herbie's Grungebusters and Giant Sliders for isolation in the rack