2 Channel dedicated room, a Two-channel Audio System by maplegrovemusic

new room 2
Room Size
21' x21'x 8'4
System Overview
Entire room is being evaluated for maximum performance. Along with each individual component in the system . A long journey ahead .
Music Preferences
No strong preference to any one genre.
Room Description
Basement room with tile flooring . Two sides open to additional rooms expanding the side walls out another 15' for a total of 50' .
Acoustic Treatment
So far 16 2'x4' skyline diffusers 16 2'x4' absorbers 12" thick bass traps in two corners
Listening Impressions
great holographic imaging . Tonal balance is excellent . Stout tight bass
Other Comments
Plan on running rew room analysis in the future
Digital Source
2013 Mac Mini running Audirvana +
Other Sources
Grace Designs M903 Dac
Bryston SP 2
Power Amp
Nypex Ncore 400 Monoblocks
Kings Audio - King Sound King
Speaker Cable
Power Cables
Pangea AC 14xl
Tuning and Tweaks
MoonGel isolating squares