New Ways to Dream, a Two-channel Audio System by mdconnelly

Room Size
System Overview
99% of listening now handled via Roon.
Room Description
Minimal room treatments, etc... Speakers are on 12' front wall about 8' apart with components between. Listening position is about 10' away. Walls are standard drywall and speakers are on hardwood floor.
Digital Source
RoonServer (ROCK) on NUC 8i7beh; Oracle CDT-1000 CD transport (rarely used now) -> Devialet AES/EBU,
Analog Source
Kuzma Stabi S/Stogi S w/zyx fugi cartridge
Other Sources
NOTE: Roon has become an integral component in my music listening, not just in the main rig as described here, but throughout my home.
Power Amp
Devialet 440 Pro Integrated Amp (two 220 Pros run as dual-monos)
Von Schweikert Audio VR-35s
Speaker Cable
2m JPS SC3 on VSA VR-35 speakers; 2ft TWL speaker cables on B&W DM110i speakers
TWL XLR digital IC between CD Transport & Devialet
Power Cables
TWL High-Powered Digital American PCs on Devialet, TWL Low-Powered Digital American on Oracle CD Transport
Sennheiser HD6xx
Salamander Chameleon Sonoma 329
Power Cond
PI Audio UberBuss w/integrated DigiBuss and integrated TWL Silver Statement PC. PI Audio Digibuss serviing router/modem and numerous other SMPS applications
Tuning and Tweaks
Speakers on IsoAcoustics GAIA II isolation feet (hardwood floors). Devialet Expert Pros on IsoAcoustics OREA Bronze feet on granite slabs.
Other Components
Roon -> Sonore microRendu -> Schiit BiFrost multibit DAC -> Audioengine HD3 speakers; Roon -> Orchard Audio PecanPi Streamer -> Orchard Audio BOSC mono amps -> B&W DM110i bookshelf speakers; Roon -> Orchard Audio PecanPi Streamer -> headphones