Basement 2 channel fun!, a Two-channel Audio System by mcgsxr

testing in place
Room Size
Same room as the HT setup - basement approx 20x25x7
System Overview
2 channel setup that shares my basement HT and pool table area.
Acoustic Treatment
DIY panels. 3 straddling corners with Roxul Safe n Sound superchunk style bass traps behind them, 3 on walls with 2.5 inch gap.
Media Storage
5TB drive of FLAC. Mostly 16/44.1 but some higher rez too (no DSD or DXD).
Digital Source
Dedicated netbook running Logitech Media Server, feeding Pogoplug (VAMP), M2Tech HiFace 2, feeding Bolder modified Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11
Pioneer VSX-1018AH
Power Amp
Sugden P28 Audio Refinement Multi 2
DIY - Tang Band W5-2143 in sealed boxes with Wavecor 7 inch woofers in ported boxes
Speaker Cable
Don't hate on me, just 11g CL2 at this point!
Bolder Cable Nitro digital coax, and RCA IC's
Power Cables
Bolder Cable Nitro for DAC, Pre and Power amp
Power Cond
Dedicated AC line