My two-channel system, a Two-channel Audio System by gary

Room Size
14 x 12 x 8
System Overview
Music Preferences
rock, acoustic guitar, punk, alternative
Digital Source
Philips 963sa -> P-tech P1-A -> P-tech P3-A (Modwright II) w/ Modwright Monolith
Analog Source
too young for that
Signal Processors
Full boat of P-tech gear
Cayin TA-30 integrated tube amp
Power Amp
Cayin TA-30 integrated tube amp
Onix Ref 1
Speaker Cable
TMC Gold Label, and homebrew silver cables
DIY silver cables, Onix Grand Master digital cable, revelation audio i2s cable
Power Cables
all stock except for revelation power cords for the monolith
Granite on innertubes, with my own Pandafeet sorbothane footers directly under the components
Tuning and Tweaks
Sorbothane under the speakers, DIY tube dampers, clean connectors, Pandafeet under the P-tech gear, damping material in the Philips, careful routing of power cords.

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