Secondary listening system #2, a Two-channel Audio System by geowak

Room Size
13.5 X 18.5 ft
System Overview
Easy listening with Magnepan MMGs. Changed from a tube amp to Parasound A21 amp and P3 pre-amp
Music Preferences
Blues, Jazz, Vocals, Instrumental music with many instruments or sounds.
Room Description
Carpet and windows with window treatment.
Acoustic Treatment
Listening Impressions
Surprisingly neutral with room zero room treatments...
Media Storage
CDs or streaming albums with Spotify library.
Other Comments
Good room for sitting around with friends and shooting the breeze. Room is off back patio and can be heard when running the outdoor grill and outdoor beverages.
Digital Source
Iphone on a Pure I20 dock feeding a Benchmark DAC.
Analog Source
None, but I want a TT..
Other Sources
Sony XA20ES CD player feeding a Benchmark DAC.
Signal Processors
Optical switch to chose between CD player and Pure I20 dock. Both run into the Benchmark DAC.
Power Amp
Parasound A21 and Parasound P3
Magnepan MMGs
Speaker Cable
Blue Jeans white cables
Signal Cables
Power Cables
Signal Cables
in process of being refinished