ARC, Bryston, Clearaudio, Moon and Sonus Faber, a Two-channel Audio System by Bavarian05

Room Size
System Overview
ARC Ref 10 preamp, Ref 110 amplifier, Simaudio Moon 310lp phono stage, Clearaudio Concept MC package, Sonus Faber Olympica II's, Audioquest CV-8 (2 sets for bi-wiring), Columbia XLR interconnects and Bryston BDP-1/BDA-1 combo.
Music Preferences
Jazz, classical, rock, pop, metal...not much I won't listen to if it is well recorded.
Room Description
Dedicated two channel room.
Acoustic Treatment
Corner traps, first reflection points, etc.
Listening Impressions
Everything other than the Bryston gear has been recently updated, so most of the system is still breaking in.
Media Storage
Closet full of LPs, CDs and a VPI record cleaner.
Other Comments
Very pleased right now.
Digital Source
Bryston BDP-1/BDA-1
Analog Source
Clearaudio/Moon combo
ARC Ref 10 dual box preamp
Power Amp
ARC Ref 110 (KT-120)
Sonus Faber Olympica II
Speaker Cable
Audioquest CV-8 (72v DBS)
Audioquest Columbia XLR
Power Cables
RGPC High Tension Wire on ARC Ref 110
Solidsteel S3
Power Cond
Dedicated 20 amp line for pre/amp and 15 amp line for digital gear
Tuning and Tweaks
Stillpoints Ultra SS and Finite Elemente Ceraballs