Single Driver C&C Analog and digital 12V system, a Two-channel Audio System by raysracing

Omega RS5 3's
Room Size
big rectangle in the basement with low ceilings
System Overview
A quirky system of battery operated Tri-path amps and Trung Optocoupler Pre running old, but new to me Omega 3's with Updated RS5 drivers. The speakers are breaking in now, but dang. What an improvement over the hemp cones.
Music Preferences
Jazz of all kinds, but partial to Miles and Oscar, Indie rock of all kinds and classical of all kinds, but have been listening to a lot of violin concertos lately.
Room Description
Rectangular basement with low ceilings and a beam that runs horizontal that splits a long alcove on the back wall. There is a ton of air moving up in the alcove that needs attention. When our band was down here we thought it sounded good, but with stereo it is a challenge. Room has drywall/plaster over cinder block on all walls. No insulation. Stereo along the long wall.
Acoustic Treatment
6" fiberglass bass traps behind front speakers, random pieces of carpet, styrofoam and an unopened box of more fiberglass bass trap material in the back in the alcove by the back wall behind seating position and big insulated sheet (like moving blanket in one corner (where drum used to be)).
Listening Impressions
Right now the system is a bit hot. Glary in the top end as the hemp drivers break in again. They have this tendency, especially with digital amps. Imaging is finally falling in line as the Omega's are famous for. Sound quality is better every hour in a big way.
Media Storage
Ikea for records
Other Comments
Wish I had a pre with multiple inputs.
Digital Source
Macbook pro running Jriver to a DacMagic through SPIDF.
Analog Source
Denon DP-62L with plastic clay and Signet body/ATT155LC stylus assembly to a Cambridge 651P.
Other Sources
Pioneer Elite CT7OD cassette deck.
Signal Processors
Grant B-283 Tube buffer
Trung Optocoupler running on 12v SLA
Power Amp
Indeed Tripath, Sure Ta2024, TPA 3116. Always swapping in and out and tweaking.
Old Omega 3's or Tekton Lore's
Definitive Technology Powerfield 15" (circa 1990's) only with Omegas. Using high level inputs.
Speaker Cable
Power Cables
Ikea bookshelf on its side
Power Cond
Old APC back up PS. Mostly there as surge protection
Tuning and Tweaks
All the time.