Relic from the past.., a Integrated A/V System by rooze

Room Size
26x30 approx
System Overview
In a world where people seem to obsess over detail, immersing themselves in micro experiences when the world at a macro level is diminishing before their distracted eyes.....where was I going with this? Oh, yeah, I meant to say that I like scale and impact. You can get a big soundstage from a small transducer but you can never capture the illusion of scale and impact with a small transducer. So I always go 'big' on the speakers. In this case, a 60" ribbon with 4 x 12" woofers per side, in a dipole arrangement. This gives me what I want, though the detail freaks would look elsewhere.
Music Preferences
Classic rock, psychedelic rock, bad acid trip music, dixieland, skiffle, easy listening with Matt Monroe, that kinda thang.
Movie Preferences
The Big Lebowski The Big Kahuna Local Hero
Room Description
Too big - open plan into the rest of the house from the back of the room makes a lot of open sq ft.
Acoustic Treatment
GIK and some basic strategic absorption and deflection.
Listening Impressions
Bombastic but with the capacity to be delicate when needed. The speakers are 90" into the room so the stage pushes way back behind the speaker, as I prefer it. Bass is not at all overwhelming or even prominent in the system, which is also how I like it. You can't beat vocals from a planar magnetic.
Media Storage
Boxes, tables, floors, shelves and an off-site burial ground.
Other Comments
Whey hey, MAN UTD rule!
DVD or LaserDisc Player
Pioneer Elite DV 45ai, though it's on the fritz and I'm looking around for an Oppo.
You're kidding, right?
Satellite or Cable
Directv with Genie
Video Display
110" projector
Digital Source
Cambridge Audio 850
Analog Source
Clearaudio Avantgarde Magnum with Benz SL Wood
Signal Processors
Carver CT7 with sonic holography, used only for the audio portion of whatever video is happening.
Supratek Chenin
Power Amp
Ampzilla Mono
Carver Amazing Platinum Hybrid
Rio Ferdinand
Speaker Cable
Jena Labs and Virtual Dynamics
Power Cables
VD and CVH
Power Cond
Yes, somewhere.
Tuning and Tweaks
spikes, cones, rocks, airbags, cable ties etc
Other Components
Macbook Pro