Dojo, a Two-channel Audio System by shawbros3

System Overview
Open baffle sound powered by tubes throughout.
Room Description
Carpet and drywall, opens up in the back...
Acoustic Treatment
GIK corner traps, panels and curtains
Listening Impressions
Great presence, engaging, pretty effortless and natural sounding, solid bass and balanced treble, good dynamics, deep and wide sound stage...
Digital Source
C.A.P's "Zuma" like based PC server running Windows Server 2012/Audiophile Optimizer/JRiver/JPlay (Single PC setup). Separate linear power supplies/battery for motherboard, PPA USB Card, and SSD
Signal Processors
Lampizator Big Seven Tube DAC
Melody Pure Black PB101
Power Amp
Coincident Frankenstein MKII 300b Mono Blocks
GR Research Super V's
Speaker Cable
HiDiamond D7
High Fidelity RCA's and HiDiamond USB cable
Power Cables
HiDiamond & Triode Wire Labs
Power Cond
Pi Audio UberBuss (Furutech and Synergistic outlets) Equitech 1.5Q Balanced Conditioner
Tuning and Tweaks
Herbie's stuff, Stillpoints, and Sistrum stands