Main system, a Two-channel Audio System by dsrviola

Accu 3--007
System Overview
Music Preferences
Western classical (primarily orchestral), Various electronica and its sub genres (industrial, ambient, synthpop, etc.) soundtracks (scores, not compilations)
Room Description
"T" shaped room with listening seat at the center and top of the "T" looking down.
Acoustic Treatment
Various ASC Tube traps and SoundPanels, RPG Bad panels, styrofoam QRD diffusors, DIY absorptive panels and rugs.
Digital Source
Heavily modified Oppo DVD player that also has two "preamps" added to the output: one buffered for the subwoofers and one high passed at 80Hz for the mains.
Other Sources
see digital source
Power Amp
Pass X250.5 modified by Bill Thalmann at Musical Technology
Accuton based DIY 3 ways
Two 12" Rythmik Audio subs (from kits)
Speaker Cable
MIT Oracle V3.2
MIT Oracle V1.2
Power Cables
MIT, Analysis Plus and DH Labs based DIY cables for the subs
Homemade metal frames, plexiglass shelves with maple platforms and various Silent Running Audio Isolation bases
Power Cond
Synergistic Research PowerCell
Tuning and Tweaks
Stillpoints platforms and cones