Basement Family Fun System HT, a Home Theater System by mcgsxr

Basement HT Feb 2015
Room Size
System Overview
A system designed to bring together good HT for the whole family.
Movie Preferences
Action for Daddy, animated for the kids!
Room Description
An open basement family room combined with pool table space.
Acoustic Treatment
DIY panels. 3 straddling corners with Roxul Safe n Sound superchunk style bass traps behind them, 3 on walls with 2.5 inch gap.
Media Storage
5TB drive of music.
DVD or LaserDisc Player
Samsung BD-F5100
Satellite or Cable
Streaming device - Android and running KODI
Video Display
Panasonic TC-P60U50 Plasma
Pioneer VSX-1018AH-K
Paradigm Cinema 330 V3
Paradigm Cinema 330 V3
Paradigm ADP-190 V6
DIY - 2 x Mach5 Audio MAW-12 inch subs, 4 cubic feet tuned to 22Hz - buried inside a wall!
Speaker Cable
In wall rated
DIY Flexy style rack in dedicated media closet isolated from the room
Other Components
6 dedicated lines from a pony panel inside the media closet. Wii hooked up for the kiddies too. Logitech universal remote to control the gear in the media closet.