The Loft, a Two-channel Audio System by sebrof

Altec 416s and Heil AMTs in ~ 9 cu/ft BB Ply boxes
Room Size
12' x 19'
System Overview
I built this sytem for me to play the music that I like the way I like to hear it. Well Tempered Lab Amadeus TT with an Audiotechnica Art-9 cart, into a Pass Labs Aleph Ono phono preamp. Marantz SA-KI Ruby SACD/DAC Directly heated single ended triodes from a DIY amp based on the WE 91A for the tweeters and Quicksilver Audio M60 monoblocks for the woofer/mids. Fairly sensitive speakers (~97db) with an Altec 416 and a Beyma AMT also DIY. Thanks for looking
Music Preferences
Classic Jazz, Alt country, classic rock. I dunno, not classical, country or rap I guess.
Room Description
A loft area that is closed on 3 sides and open to the rest of the house on one long wall. Treated fairly will with GIK and DIY bass traps in the corners, and GIK panels on the walls.
Listening Impressions
Smooth, full even at low volumes which is more impornt to me than high volumes because I play low/moderate almost all of the time.
Media Storage
Ikea Expidite for my records. CD binders for the bare CDs.
Digital Source
Marantz SA-KI Ruby SACD/DAC
Analog Source
Well Tempered Lab Amadeus MKII with Audiotechnica Art-9 cartridge
DIY 12B4-based linestage Pass Labs Aleph Ono Phonostage First Watt B4 Active Crossover
Power Amp
Tweeters: DIY 2A3 SET built on my kitchen table 2010 Woofers: Quicksilver Audio M60 Monoblocks
DIY 2-ways in ~10 cu/ft cabinets, made in my garage 2015
Two JL Audio e110s wired in stereo L/R
Speaker Cable
Cat 5e Plenum
Grado SR125