The Ballista, a Bedroom/Den System by Rclark

Room Size
apartment bedroom for now. like 12 by 14, thereabouts.
System Overview
This is my first real system, and it's nearly complete. It's taken me about two years to get to this point, and there are enough castaways to become a respectable system 2 soon.
Music Preferences
Every genre gets played and listened to. The main one's I gravitate towards are heavy rock/metal, lately, and relatively new for me, a lot of jazz. Hip hop, classical, goth, punk, acoustic guitar, vocal, grindcore, soul, r&b, dubstep, rockabilly,oldies, piano, country, radio pop, you name it I've got some of it laying around.
Room Description
My ghetto fabulous man cave.
Listening Impressions
Detail and resolution, texture and depth and tone, huge presence. It's pure heaven, and only likely to improve with more knowledge and more technology applied.
Other Comments
Magnepans and Ncores! WOW, what a killer combo. I want for nothing.
Digital Source
Emotiva ERC-2 cdp. If you are in the market, you would be stupid to overlook this player. It is not bargain basement, it is a thoroughbred at ID prices.
if you call it a pre. Warpspeed Optocoupler. Battery powered LDR. Sonic BLISS.
Power Amp
HYPEX NCORE MONOBLOCKS. You betta aks somebody.
Magnestand modified Magnepan MMG with all the bells. Very easy on the eyes.
EPIK LEGEND. Dual 12" opposed alignment, sealed box. a MUSIC MACHINE. Gives the Maggies that much needed punch and drop and ambience and blends perfectly, almost as if they were designed for each other. No small feat for a sub.
Other Components
Hypex Ncore amplifiers are the real deal. They are everything you could want in neutral transparent POWER. Bruno Putzeys sits at the right hand of Zeus. completed system (more to come) and pics are eventual.