High performance reasonable price, a Two-channel Audio System by GT Audio Works

My system GT Audio Works Bryston Audible Illusions
Room Size
13x 18
System Overview
GT Audio Works GTA2 ribbon, planar magnetic, dynamic speakers,, Bryston BCD1 CD Player,, Audible Illusions Pre Amp,, Bryston 4b Amp,, Synergistic Research Tesla 4 power conditioner and power cable,, DIY Room Treatments
Music Preferences
Room Description
Downstairs dedicated listening room
Acoustic Treatment
DIY wall treatments
Listening Impressions
Adept at all types of music,Full range response, wide dynamic range will play loudly without strain,always sounds musical, transparent, excellent soundstage abilities , outstanding vocal reproduction, excellent detail micro and macro, outstanding bass response, engaging mid range, effortless treble does not draw attention to itself