Dedicated Basement Home Theater & 2 Channel , a Home Theater System by jarcher

Room Size
30L x 20W
System Overview
Dedicated Basement Home Theater System. Parallel 2 channel audio system with separate vintage Conrad Johnson preamp / amplification.
Room Description
Dedicated basement home theater room w/ seating for 5 in two rows (one raised).
Acoustic Treatment
(2) ATS Acoustics Corner Bass Trap in front corners
Media Storage
My Passport Studio 1TB HD to Mac Mini via Firewire 800 ; My Book Studio 3TB HD to Airport Extreme via USB as network drive
Other Comments
2010 Mac Mini running Pure Music in memory play mode. Auralic Vega
DVD or LaserDisc Player
Panasonic BDT110
Satellite or Cable
TIVO Premiere w/ WD 1TB expander external hard drive
Video Display
JVC RS1 w/ 109' Stewart Studiotek 130 screen
Signal Processors
Marantz AV7005
Conrad Johnson PV 10
Power Amp
Conrad Johnson MV75A1 for 2 channel Krell Showcase 7 channel for home theater NAD 2100 for zone 2 (outside patio)
Magnepan 1.7
Magnepan CC5
Magnepan MMG custom wall mounted for side surrounds Magnepan MMG-W back wall mounted for 7.1 rear surrounds
(2) Velodyne CHT-10 (10' subs) for home theater REL T-1 for 2 channel
Speaker Cable
Acoustic Zen OCC
Wireworld Oasis 6 XLR for home theater Wireworld Oasis 7 RCAs for 2 channel system Wireworld Ultraviolet HDMI Wireworld Luna 6 subwoofer cable XLO Ultra Plus USB, RCA and Powercord cables for Vega
Power Cables
Wireworld Stratus 7 for CJ XLO Ultra Plus for Krell amp & Vega DAC PS Audio for Blu Ray
8 shelf custom made
Power Cond
Furman 15-DMi (2) Shunyata ZR-1 power receptacles 20AMP dedicated power line Whole home surge protector
Other Components
Demoing VPI Scout 1.1 w/ Soundsmith Zephyr Mk II - impressive! Pioneer PL518 turntable w/ Grado Black cartridge & 8MZ stylus XBOX 360 Slingbox HD Apple Airport extreme wifi router All Cat 6 network cables + cisco switch