Temp parlor system, a Two-channel Audio System by Opus Flatus

Room too narrow for a head on shot
Room Size
16' x 10'
System Overview
The spouse is allowing me to set this up in our infrequently used parlor. Speakers: Really love AJ's Soundfield Monitor as well as GR NEO3S. Pre: AVA Ultra II, awsomely musical. Amps: AVA U70, love this amp; Virtue 1.2;and awaiting the new Synergy CA. Sources: NAS MAC Mini - Squeezebox touch - AVA Vision DAC. Denon TU-1500RD (bone stock-no mods and sounds excellent). Cables and sundries: Ratshack and 14gauge stranded copper with banana plugs I don't care to spend more on voodoo.
Music Preferences
All kinds with the exception of new country, most hip-hop, and most pop.
Room Description
All hard surfaces - plaster, hard wood floors, classic italianate brownstone.
Acoustic Treatment
None, I listen nearfield. None needed.
Listening Impressions
Reproduces music smoothly, euphonicly, with detail, slam, and giant sound stage - I have no complaints. -musical sunshine.
Media Storage
apple lossless.
Other Comments
I still enjoy a well captured FM signal with good programing content mostly at the lower end of the dial. I was a Navy Comms Officer once (COMMO), still addicted to RF. Also, fondly remember FM in the late 70's early 80's when I was a kid.
Digital Source
mac mini
Analog Source
Denon TU-1500RD - very underrated tuner IMO.
Other Sources
Wadia 170I
Signal Processors
AVA Vision DAC
AVA Ultra II
Power Amp
Soundfield Monitor 1 and GR Research Neo N3S
built into Soundfields
Speaker Cable
rat shack 14guage stranded copper
rat shack, belkin
Power Cables
hospital grade
Sennheiser HD595
Barbara Barry side table. Ikea improvised night table speaker stands.
Power Cond
power stip
Tuning and Tweaks
Other Components
Decware Zen amp; Virtue 1.2; AVA Insight 240; AVA Insight PAT5 Pre; AVA SuperPas3 pre; TACT 2.0S Pre; Monarchy SM70 amp; Sansui TU-717 Joe Chow Mod; Kenwood KT-7500 rebuild; Dynaco FM-3 rebuild; Mcintosh 2830 Receiver; GR NEO2 monitors; Monitor Audio Gold monitors; Decware DM944 with LEAP crossover; Zaph DIY L18 / Seas 27TBFCG monitor; and Mirage Omni 50's.