Simply Beautiful, a Two-channel Audio System by gammajo

Room Size
38' by 22'
System Overview
Simply Beautiful Simply Beautiful I have recently simplified to the Ayon CD5s which includes its own transport, DAC and Preamp in one unit. This now goes via Von Schweikert Master Built Ultra Balanced IC to my Nuforce Reference 3 SE. They are bi-wired with Von Schweikert Master Built Signature to the Von Schweikert VR5 Anniversary MK2's . The amps are modded with Cardas binding posts, and Furtech IEC, bypassing the fuse and on/off circuits. That is it. This saves two power cords and two sets of IC�s over my past separate North Star transport, DAC and Audio Horizons Preamp. I used the money from sales of these connectors to upgrade my remaining pair of IC�s. The Nuforce amps need vibration control and mass loading to be their best. While my old system sounded very good, the sound of this new system configuration is more natural, cleaner, very dynamic and satisfying. I think this is mostly from the simpler signal path plus the new speakers. WSF is way up with only one remote and push and play design. The reduced visual clutter is relaxing. I absolutely love the Ayon with NOS tubes. To me it beat my home audition of the 20K Meridian 808.3. The Ayon is fully computer ready but frankly I am so enjoying the delight of my current analogue-like Red Book sound, that I will probably wait a few years to let computer audio mature. I would appreciate any comments.
Music Preferences
Classical, pop, 60's rock, jazz
Room Description
Designed this 38' by 22' room myself for music appreciation and family enjoyment. soft pecky cypress walls, maple floors, 10ft peak ceiling. Room overlooks the Smoky Mountains. Doors to the room are exterior and the wall adjoining house is brick, so I can listen at night and not disturb the family. Cabinetry holds CD collection.
Acoustic Treatment
All windows treated with Marigo Audio acoustic dots which really tamed window reflections. First reflection points have wood blinds and heavy drapes. Speakers are on Herbies gliders. Amps on Hyperion Magnetic floaters. Center treated with 5 inch thick dog bed and blankets and speakers are pulled out 4 feet when critically listening.
Digital Source
Ayon CD5s
Power Amp
Nuforce Reference V3SE, modded
Von Schweikert VR5 Anniversay Mk2
Speaker Cable
Von Schweikert Master Built Signature biwire
Von Schweikert Master Built Ultra balanced
Power Cables
Von Schweikert Master Built Signature
Power Cond
Ps Audio Quintet
Tuning and Tweaks
Hyperion Magnetic floaters, Herbies gliders