CLASSE, a Two-channel Audio System by bobcrump1365

Room Size
System Overview
BOBCRUMP365 was my original member name but I can't remember the password. Plus you can check out the old systems. I have 2 systems and a pair of AV123 in Rosewood as a change up.
Music Preferences
Classical, Jazz, World Music (The Peruvian Siku is a wounderful instrument)
Media Storage
Standard Furniture. Not sure the model.
Digital Source
Denon DVD-5000 / Denon DVD 3910 / Sony DVP S9000ES
Classe CP-35
Power Amp
Classe CA-200
Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand - Cherry / Swan D2.1 SE - Rosewood
Speaker Cable
Modia Sapphire Speaker Cable Silver plated OFC Solid Core.
Modia Emerald Audio Interconnect. Silver plated OFC, through out.
Power Cables
Signal Cable through out
Power Cond
Belkin Pure AV PF60 AND 30
Other Components
Melody H88 Integrated Tube amp 50W