Living Room Two Channel Audio, a Two-channel Audio System by BrentG

Room Size
approx 12,000 cubic feet
System Overview
Off-grid, cat-proof two channel home audio system.
Music Preferences
Classical, jazz, classic rock, folk, acoustic, pop.
Room Description
Primary living area in geodesic dome home. The room is approximately 1/4 of the volume of a sphere with a diameter of 45 feet. This approximates to 12,000 cubic feet. The floor is oak hardwood.
Acoustic Treatment
Digital Source
Sonos ZP-90 output is PCM 44/16 via coaxial DBP-1611UD output is PCM 44/16 via coaxial
Analog Source
VPI Classic 1 Turntable Trans-Fi Terminator Tonearm Grado Sonata cartridge + Soundsmith ruby cantilever / OCNCL stylus Graham Slee Revelation M phono preamp
Signal Processors
Red Wine Isabellina DAC.
Power Amp
Red Wine Signature 15 Integrated Amplifier
Tekton Pendragon
Speaker Cable
Graham Slee Spatia
Graham Slee CuSat50