80's-vintage audio, a Two-channel Audio System by Etnier

As of March, 2014
System Overview
A multiroom stereo system rooted in vintage 1980's gear.
Room Description
My system is built into a room which was previously a garage. It has a poured slab floor at ground level, with the room's floor about 18" over that. When we moved here in 1985 I reinforced the wooden floor a bit and had the contractor build the wall system you see here. The plinth for the turntable is a cinderblock column which starts on the poured concrete floor and rises through the wall unit, not touching it. There's no mechanical connection between the turntable and the rest of the room.
Media Storage
As seen in picture. CD's in Hills Products CD-Boxes.
Digital Source
Cambridge Azur 840c, Marantz NA-7004, Alesis Masterlink
Analog Source
Rega Planar 3 with GrooveTracer mods, Audiomods Series Five arm, Shelter 501 II with Soundsmith Level 2 retip
Other Sources
Panasonic 42" plasma, Roku
Threshold FET 10/e, Heed Quasar
Power Amp
Threshold S350/e, Stewart Pro Reference 500 for other rooms
Yamaha NS1000M, various in other rooms
Velodyne ULD-15 Series II
Speaker Cable
Discovery 1-2-3
Discovery Essence and others
Custom rack uses a sliding-nut and rail system, with shelf standards as well, to flexibly support both rackmount and non-rack gear.