My Take on Cheap and Cheerful High End, a Two-channel Audio System by mhconley

System Overview
Room Description
Right trapezoidal dining room open to living room and entry.
Listening Impressions
Consistently impressive.
Media Storage
Analog: Ikea Expedit 4x2 Digital: FLAC on 8TB SHR-2 RAID array Synology DS918+
Digital Source
Raspberry Pi B+ Touchscreen running Volumio
Analog Source
Opera Consonance LP-2.0 turntable / Moerch UP-4 tonearm / Grado Reference Sonata cartridge / PS Audio GCPH phono preamp
Signal Processors
Topping DX7s
YS Audio / Audio Experience A2
Power Amp
DIY Bang & Olufsen 1200AS1 ICEpower monoblocks and Tube Fantasy 300b PSET monoblocks
Von Schweikert VR-4 Gen III HSE
Speaker Cable
DIY 12AWG Teflon insulated solid core Neotech UPOCC "anticables" with Furez copper spades and bananas
3 and 4 meter Liberty Cables Z500 XLR
Power Cables
Pangea Audio AC-14SE & Furutech Absolute-Power15Plus
Topping DX7s driving Sennheiser HD598 with DIY balanced cable
DIY 80/20 extruded aluminum frame w/maple butcher block shelves
Tuning and Tweaks
Tube rolling and upgraded coupling capacitors on my A2 preamp