Avoosl's Lava Lounge, a Integrated A/V System by Avoosl

Full-on system assault
Room Size
24 X 15/17 X 8/12
System Overview
Mostly 2-channel music with occasional movies from pulldown screen (hidden behind the Twilight Zone sign.) I tried to make it as wife-friendly as possible. So far, though, despite admiring glances, no wives.
Music Preferences
Early Baroque, Early Elvis, middle and late of both, doo-wop, harpsichord, etc.
Movie Preferences
Low-resolution, un-hip, low-irony, old black & whites
Acoustic Treatment
Auralex all over the place, corner Mega lenrds and side reflections as well. Only exception is two 6-foot ASC Tubes Traps (thanks to Gary Loikith).
Listening Impressions
I like it. X-purts be darned, I want far-field, and the treatments control room anomalies.
Other Comments
The RM50s use the Behringer DCS2496 to divide the bass from the mids and highs.
Video Display
Epson 6500 with Da-Lite Model C pulldown screen
Digital Source
Oppo 105 or HAL's Amazing MS-1 music server
Analog Source
Oracle Delphi record-player with SME arm, Shure V15V-MR
Signal Processors
Audio Alchemy 3.0 after HAL's MS-1 music server; Behringer ext 2-way dig x-over
Parasound HALO JC-2 and DSA's Phono ONE
Power Amp
4 Parasound HALO JC-1 ion RM50s, Parasound HCA3500 on Larger subs
VMPS RM50 mains, VMPS Larger subs
VMPS Largers with Megawoofers
Speaker Cable
Analysis Plus Oval 9
Blue Jean Cables
Power Cond
BrickWall panel Surge arresters on 6 dedicated 20-amp circuits