My System, a Two-channel Audio System by jaapnr1

Room Size
30 m2
System Overview
Lentus Audio Duo loudspeakers Pass Labs X2.5 pre-amp Van Medevoort PA333 mono power amps (modified) Tentlabs b-DAC d/a-converter TEAC VRDS-10 cd-transport (modified with Tentlabs clock) Playstation 3 for blu-ray and gaming Home Theatre PC for streaming (via usb to b-DAC) Seperate power group (double: analogue and digital) Some filters Cabling is Art Speak interlinks and Van Medevoort Reference loudspeaker. Power cables: Art Speak
Music Preferences
Every genre has great music. I listen to rock, pop, singer songwriter, house, electronic music, trip hop, hip hop... well: everything.
Room Description
Acoustically balanced room. Not symmetrical, so pretty clean.
Acoustic Treatment
I have some dampening, absorption on strategic places.
Media Storage
I have around 650 cd's and a NAS with around the same amount of music in FLAC.
Digital Source
home theatre pc (made it myself), TEAC Vrds 10 cd-transport, Tentlabs b-DAC
Other Sources
Playstation 3 for blu-ray and gaming.
Pass Labs X2.5
Power Amp
Van Medevoort PA333 mono (300 watt class A/B)
Lentus Audio Duo
Speaker Cable
Van Medevoort Q (reference)
Art Speak Silver 2
Power Cables
Art Speak / Kemp
Power Cond
Seperat power group (dual)
Tuning and Tweaks
Some filtering (Van Medevoort PFM2), parallel filters