What I look forward to every evening, a Two-channel Audio System by targa02

my decompression chamber
Room Size
19 ft ceiling x 15 ft (front to back) x 10 ft to one side from center and open o
System Overview
I feel I am finally at place, equipment-wise, where I am very happy with my setup.
Music Preferences
Well recorded Rock, Country, Indie Rock, Pop...
Room Description
Some what cube shaped (yikes) open on one side to dining room downstairs and loft on second floor.
Acoustic Treatment
I have room treatments directly behind both speakers and in the only two real corners.
Listening Impressions
My system is very balanced and truthful IMHO.
Media Storage
Oyen FW drive 1TB with a Lacie 1TB USB drive for back up.
Other Comments
Need to update the picture.
Digital Source
Early 2011 Mac Mini with 8GB RAM USB to Empirical Audio fully loaded Off Ramp 4
Analog Source
Other Sources
Pioneer BDP 51
Signal Processors
Spatial Room Correction / Pure Music
MSB Platinum DAC III fed AES by the Off Ramp 4
Power Amp
active speakers
ATC SCM 50 ASL active monitors (yes, I love them)
Speaker Cable
Spatial Quantum Field XLR from DAC to monitors; W4S USB cable from mini to Offramp 4; Blue Jeans AES from OR4 to DAC
Power Cables
LessLoss DFPC
Power Cond
PI Audio Group RevB
Tuning and Tweaks
Herbie footers under virtually everything.
Other Components
Spatial Black Hole