Steve's Space, a Two-channel Audio System by max190

Room Size
12.6W x 15.6L x 7.8H
System Overview
2-CH System
Music Preferences
Room Description
Basement floor / front and right walls floor to ceiling concrete. Metal 2x4 stud walls insulated and dry walled. Ceiling dry walled and insulated. (2) interior doors, 1 entrance and 1 into laundry / HVAC room. Berber rubber back carpet glued down. Dedicated 20 amp circuit to eq. Best imaging and bass listening with entrance door open.
Acoustic Treatment
(5) GIK 244's, (2) Sonex 2'x4'x2', (8) 12"x12"x24" Upper corner/ceiling echo absorbers
Listening Impressions
The room sounds much bigger that it is. Very low noise floor, music comes from a deep black background and just fills the space. System images well depending on the source. Excellent tone and focus.
Digital Source
Bada HD-22SE CDP with upgraded JAN GE 5670 tube buffer output
Power Amp
Bada DC-222 Hybrid Int - Tube roll either (4) Tung-Sol 12AU7W 6189 or (4) GE 12AU7's
ELAC Uni-fi UB5
Speaker Cable
Reality Original - Gregg Straley
Morrow MA3's
Tuning and Tweaks
Herbie's (4) Big Tall Tenderfeet under CDP, (4) Iso-Cup w/Lampblack Ball under Amp, (4) UltraSonic SS tube dampers, (8) Small Fat Dots between spkr & Sanus SF26-B1 stands, Super Black Hole CD Mat.