Steve's Space, a Two-channel Audio System by max190

Room Size
12.6W x 15.6L x 7.8H
System Overview
2-CH System
Music Preferences
Rock, Classic Rock, Instrumental, Jazz, R&B and Soul
Room Description
System in basement. Metal 2x4 stud walls insulated and dry walled. Ceiling dry walled and insulated. (2) interior doors, 1 entrance and 1 into laundry HVAC room. Berber rubber back carpet glued down. Dedicated 20 amp circuit.
Acoustic Treatment
(5) GIK 244's, (2) Sonex 2'x4'x2', (8) 12"x12"x24" Upper corner/ceiling echo absorbers
Listening Impressions
The room sounds much bigger that it is. Very low noise floor, music comes from a deep black background and just fills the space. System images well depending on the source. Excellent tone and focus.
Digital Source
Bada HD-22SE CDP with upgraded JAN GE 5670 tube buffer output
Power Amp
Bada DC-222 Hybrid Int - Tube roll either (4) Tung-Sol 12AU7W 6189 or (4) GE 12AU7's
ELAC Uni-fi UB5
Speaker Cable
Reality Original - Gregg Straley
Morrow MA3's
Tuning and Tweaks
Herbie's (4) Big Tall Tenderfeet under CDP, (4) Iso-Cup w/Lampblack Ball under Amp, (8) Small Fat Dots between spkr & Sanus SF26-B1 stands, Super Black Hole CD Mat.

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