High Efficiency, Low Distortion, a Two-channel Audio System by tesseract

High Efficiency, Low Distortion
Room Size
16x12x8 open floor plan
System Overview
Constant directivity, high efficiency, low distortion. Budget 2.2 system for Music/Concerts/Movies
Music Preferences
Progressive/Alternative/Classic/Hard/Avant-garde/Blues Rock
Room Description
Cozy, but still easily seats 8-10 people for concert, movie and football parties
Acoustic Treatment
Foam panels to kill flutter echo and a ginormous sofa sectional
Listening Impressions
Constant directivity design really helps with my non symmetrical room. W I D E soundstage, pinpoint imaging with plenty of air surrounding the performers. No horn sound at all. Subs hit hard and deep.
Digital Source
Marantz VC6001
Analog Source
h/k T35C TT w/Project Phono Box II
Other Sources
OTA TV, old Yamaha tuner
Power Amp
Exposure 2010S passive pre integrated
Chase SHO-10
Chase CS-18.T Duo
Speaker Cable
MIT AVt 1 shotgun
MIT AVt 1, Transparent Audio, Ultralink
Power Cables
Stock IEC
Sanus rack and stands
Power Cond
15 amp dedicated lines
Tuning and Tweaks
Vibropods under the Marantz to prevent skipping, 16x16x1 inch rubber deck tiles under subs for isolation, and BluTack on the stands
Other Components
E550VL Vizio LCD