tympani 3.5R, a Two-channel Audio System by hemholtz

tympani 3.5r
Room Size
23 feet x 31 feet
System Overview
5 way active system
Room Description
odd shaped room above the garage with 9' ceiling. speakers set up on long wall
Acoustic Treatment
auralex tfusors on wall behind maggies toward outside. absorbing foam behind on inside. back wall behind listening position treated with absorbing foam. phantom acoustics shadow active bass absorbers in 2 problem corners. where possible corner foam absorbers.
Media Storage
windows home server 2011
Other Comments
two 30 amp dedicated ground circuits (one from each leg) for amps and electronics. wired with #8's to the outlets. high quality connections from MY transformer to the wall receptacle.
Digital Source
Signal Processors
deqx pdc 2.6, deqx hdp express
Power Amp
2x acoustic reality eAR2, 4x crown k2
magnepan 3.5/r tympani IV woofers
2x velodyne uld 15
Speaker Cable
goertz mi1 internal wiring
goertz micropurl silver, goertz triode quartz silver
Tuning and Tweaks