Two Channel Main System, a Two-channel Audio System by jbwhitlock

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Room Size
System Overview
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Digital Source
Bryston BCD-1, Bryston BDP-1, Aesthetix Romulus arriving soon, Logictech Duet
Analog Source
TURNTABLES: Clearaudio Innovation, Hanss T-60, Hanss T-30, Thorens TD160 modded, Clearaudio Ovation arriving soon - TONEARMS: Clearaudio TT3, Universal, SME V, 309, 3009, Ortofon Illustrious, Ortofon AS212S, Graham Engineering Phantom II
Other Sources
CARTRIDGES: Ortofon A90, Cadenza Black, 2M Black, Meister Silver SPU, Classic E SPU, Benz LP S Classic, Gullwing, L2, H2, Clearaudio Concerto V2, Maestro, Talismann V2, Shelter 501 II, Audio Technica OC9 MK III
Aesthetix Calypso Signature, Bryston BP-26 w/ MPS-2 power supply - PHONO STAGES: Manley Labs Steelhead, Aesthetix Rhea Signature, Zesto Audio Andros PS1, Fosgate Signature, Lenjonklue, Phenomena II, Ortofon ST 80 SE SUT
Power Amp
Bryston 28B SST squared mono blocks
PMC IB2i with custom made four post Sound Anchor stands
Speaker Cable
Acoustic Zen Holographs on woofers, Satori Shotgun on mids and tweeters
Acoustic Zen Matrix II on all gear, WireWorld Platinum digital cable, Furutech Phono cables, Graham Engineering phono cable, Silver Audio phono cable, Clearaudio phono cable
Power Cables
WireWorld Silver Eclipse, Silver Audio WattMaster, Furutech custom made
Woo Audio WA6, Senn HD600 cans
Billy bags
Power Cond
Audience Ar-12 TSS
Tuning and Tweaks
ASC Tube Traps/Diffusers/Absorbers, Shakti Holograhs, Acoustic Revive RR77, Dedicated sub panel with Oyaide EE/2.6 in-wall wiring, Oyaide R1 outlets w/WPC-Z carbon fiber wall plates, HannL Micro record cleaning machine

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