Bladesmith, a Two-channel Audio System by bladesmith

Room Size
System Overview
I have plenty of power and the sound quality is very nice. Mac Mini i7, 2.0 ghz (server) > Wyred 4Sound DAC 2 > Custom made 6SN7 Buffer > bi-amping > Parasound HCA 600 X 2/Denon POA-1500 > Custom OB speakers.
Music Preferences
Any thing that is well recorded.
Room Description
24X18 , very open.. high ceiling.
Listening Impressions
OB speakers are fantastic.
Media Storage
Mac mini, i7, 2.0 Ghz. My Mac mini is an actual server. Which is different than a standard Mac mini.
Other Comments
this is a simple system, works great.. .
Digital Source
Mac mini
Analog Source
Signal Processors
Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2
Volume is controlled by my DAC.
Power Amp
2 Parasound HCA 600'S and a Denon POA -1500 to power the 15" subs
OB all the way, my custom made set up.
Speaker Cable
Blue Jeans Cable seem to work well here.
Blue Jeans Cable seem to work well here.
Power Cables