2 Channel Audio, a Two-channel Audio System by Gordy

Room Size
15 x 15.5 x 8 + L
System Overview
Music Preferences
Rock, Blues, Classical, Female vocal, Gospel, Alt Country, British Folk, Singer/Songwriter, World/Ambient/New Age...
Room Description
Suspended wood flooring. System set up on diagonal with 72" opening to dining room to my left rear partially blocked by wall of books. Huge bass trap in opposite corner behind rack. Experimenting with more diffusion and absorbsion.
Digital Source
Olive Symphony, modified P3a with Twisted Pear Bipolar DC supply and Felix
Other Sources
TU-717 (new filters, caps)
Signal Processors
DIY S&B transformer pre, DIY 12sn7 tubed Aikido with tube PS
Power Amp
VAC Avatar, SKA 300B mono blocks, twin stereo moded UcD 400's/Battery PS's, bridged 3886 chip amps, moded Carver ZR
Salk sound HT-3's, North Creek Borealis / outboard x-overs.
Speaker Cable
30" Tara Labs Phase 2 w/ TFA return
All VH Audio cryo'd Pulsar's
Power Cables
Volex cords and Felix conditioners
DIY 1 3/4" maple shelves (former life: industrial workbenches) with 3/4" Brass all-thread uprights. CDP spiked to 1 1/2" maple butcher block on modified Daruma's on above rack; Preamps on modified Daruma's.
Tuning and Tweaks
Hard anodized moded Daruma 3-II's. SST contact treatment on all signal and power connections. Optrix.